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USPS National and Illinois News

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News from USPS National and USPS Great Lakes Area.
07/18/2019 14:14
CHICAGO IL — The Postal Service makes obtaining a new passport or renewing your old one an easy and convenient experience. Several Chicago Postal Stations will have extended hours on the remaining Saturdays in July, opening earlier or staying open later in the day for Passports. If your travel plans include visiting any country outside the USA, including Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Bahamas or Bermuda anytime soon, then you will need a passport. Current regulations state in addition to presenting a valid passport book when returning to the United States by air, you’ll need to present a U.S. passport at...
USPS Extending Saturday Hours for a Passport in July
07/11/2019 11:38
CHICAGO IL — While many Americans are enjoying the summer weather by taking vacations and long weekends, the United States Postal Service is always on duty.
Postal Service Delivers Through Summer Vacation
07/08/2019 14:07
The U.S. Postal Service is issuing Woodstock Forever stamps in observance of the 50th anniversary of the most famous rock festival in history.
Woodstock Forever Stamps
07/05/2019 08:37
The U.S. Postal Service honors the nation’s brave and loyal canines with the Military Working Dogs Forever stamps. In this booklet of 20, each block of four stamps features one stamp of each of the following breeds—German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois —that commonly serve in America’s armed forces. News of the stamps are being shared with the hashtag #MilitaryDogsStamps.
Recognizing Four-Legged Heroes
06/24/2019 13:23
With this pane of 16 stamps, the Postal Service brings Tyrannosaurus rex to life — some 66 million years after its demise.
U.S. Postal Service Issuing Tyrannosaurus Rex Forever Stamps Aug. 29


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